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Yenz Garcia

Nguyen alejandro Garcia carrasco

mejor conocido como Yenz Garcia es un artista de origen Dominicano,  su carrera comenzo en el 2008 en la ciudad de Paterson nueva jersey, lanzo su primer tema titulado “Amiga fiel ” el cual estuvo promocionando en la Republica Dominicana . Atraves de los años se mantuvo en el gusto  del publico underground ya que ese entoce se identificaba mas como Rapero.

About album

The album “Tres&Cinco” is my first professional album it was it was inspired by the way my life was going at the time.. losing my grandfather brought a lot of emotion into my life. There was a lot of energy that I couldn’t transmit physically so I decided to write and make music out of it. “Tres&Cinco” means that my grandpa was born in 1935 and he also was like a big fan of playing dominoes one of the trophies that I got from him winning the championship The tile 5/3 what’s the trophy he got in return so everything to at the time 5 is my favorite number and 3 represent me and my two brothers and I just felt that I needed to name this album “Tres&Cinco” in honor of my grandfather. Wanna take the time to thanks Teo production for the hard work that he did on his album I also want to thanks Jairo, AKA, Doc2theJ for all the hours that we did recording this album all the stress and fun times it was a great environment, a great energy working with this kid he’s going to become one of the best producer in the world I also want to thanks Rey John for the album cover amazing.
this is my album. I hope you guys enjoy it from the bottom of my heart. It’s one of the best. God Bless the world
Yenz Garcia

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